Nations of the World Must do More as War Rages in the Ukraine

On March 13, 1964 a 28 year-old woman, Kitty Genovese, was stabbed to death in Kew Gardens, Queens, in New York City. 

The New York Times newspaper covered the story and wrote a headline that read:  "38 (people) who saw the murder didn't call the police."  The outrage at the time of this story was that no one helped to stop the murder of this young woman -- not even a phone call was made at the time the crime was committed while Kitty was assaulted. 

As I watched what is happening in the Ukraine, the parallel is surreal. In the United States, we are watching a society being destroyed in front of our very eyes on television as Ukrainians are being slaughtered, towns bombed, and families  separated.

Although European nations and the United States seem to be helping, it doesn't seem to be enough as the Russian army continues to advance, destroy the country and take the lives of civilians and others.  

Although Europe and the United States say they are helping, it doesn't seem to be enough to halt the Russian onslaught as of this writing.

It's upsetting to watch as countries around the world voice opposition to this unprovoked attack upon almost one million Ukrainians, as reported, flee for their lives. Why aren't other nations stepping up even more?  As a child in the South Bronx, I knew that if  I didn't fight back on the streets, I'd keep getting mugged and robbed. 

I'm in my 66th year on this planet, and maybe it's my age, but I am unsettled and concerned about what's happening in the United States of America and around the world - - given the war with Ukraine and Russia. 

Last week I watched a moving story on cable news of a woman in Ukraine, Olmea Gnes, holding her infant baby and two other small children by her side. Her husband, a civilian, left his family in a bomb shelter while he is trying to protect his country and family against the onslaught of the Russian military.

I had tears in my eyes as I watched this. I find this whole Russian war untowardly. How do civilized countries allow this barbaric onslaught on another, peaceful country?  Haven't we learned from past wars?  And, reports of other countries in the Middle East and elsewhere, obtaining a nuclear capability, doesn't  seem to make humanity on our planet safer. 

NATO countries and the United States have to do more to help stop this war and the slaughter of more families, women and children in the Ukraine, as has been reported.  

As a disabled adult, I don't know where I'd be with my condition, as a quadriplegic, paralyzed in all four limbs, given the opportunities this country has provided for individuals like me.

Our country has survived for more than 200 years because we evolve, and learn from our mistakes and successes. As a society, we are not perfect, nor are we as a people. But, in my journey as a marginalized disabled individual, proved to me all I ever wanted was -- family, friends and a way to earn a viable livelihood. That's what Ukrainians want too.

The people of the Ukraine must be helped now -- not later.



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