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A Father's Day Gift: They call me "Papa"

Over the years I've been called many things, but after six decades on this planet I'm especially proud to be called "Dad" and "Papa."  Dad, because that's what my children, "D," my daughter, and  Jimmy, my son, call me; and "Papa" because that's what my grand kids call me.                                I have been paralyzed for more than 35 years and never thought I'd live this long or experience life in full color, ranging from the darkest of storms to the richness of a rainbow.  After a storm, if you look for it, you' ll find a rainbow of new perspectives. I never thought I'd have children, let alone grandchildren. Both are a joy to have, but the experiences are different. With our own children, my wife Maggie and I felt the sense of excitement and joy, but also the deep sense of responsibility.  We also had new responsibilities other than ourselves as there were two other members of our household tha