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The Miracle of Wound Care: Stem Cell Technology for People with Disabilities (Part 1)

(Caution: This particular blog describes a wound on my hip, not an uncommon occurrence for folks paralyzed and without sensation on their bodies. Photos of the wound may be too graphic for some readers). It's now almost two years since I discovered a wound on the upper part of my left hip. At first, my personal care assistant said the wound looked like an ingrown hair or a small pimple about to burst.  But over the next few days since the wound was noticed, "the pimple did burst," but it didn't heal. The supposed "pimple" oozed a mixture of blood, fluid and puss and continued to get worse. I soon realized that the wound began at the site where I was given an injection almost 30 years ago during a procedure for my kidneys and bladder called a urodynamics study .  Urodynamic testing or urodynamics assesses how the bladder and urethra are performing when it comes to retaining and releasing urine stored in the bladder. Urodynamic tests can