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Short-takes: Four Essays About Living with a Disability in New York City

As I roll across the streets of New York City each day, I pass many people and see quite a few folks with disabilities. All of them are going about their business or just walking on a pleasant Fall day in September. Web photo, 56th and First Ave. I've drawn inspiration in NYC to write about the people I see with disabilities and others, particularly on one recent Sunday morning. I was going across 56th Street and First Avenue with my wife, Maggie, to buy coffee from Dunkin' Donuts . She got an iced coffee, French Vanilla flavor, and I had my first cup of the Pumpkin Spice coffee of the season, which I try to buy every year - - and drink it as often as I can. Of course, it's decaffeinated. As I waited outside for Maggie, my back was turned to the street. I was reading a menu on the window of the Sutton Diner. While looking at the breakfast menu, I noted the reasonable prices for omelettes and other tasty meals for a Sunday morning. We'll see if we can get over

Accessible taxi cabs a bust in outer boroughs; N.Y.C. Cabbies Star at U.S. Open

R. Nadal [web photo] My wife and I went to the U.S. Open on Wednesday, August 31, to watch an evening match featuring Rafael Nadal and Andrew Seppi. Over the years, Maggie and I have purchased "disabled seating tickets" to the event, as we did this year, in Queens, where the   U.S. Open Tennis Center is located. But as some of the readers know, I am now living in Manhattan, New York. A. Seppi [web photo] When I can’t walk to work, which is about nine blocks, or half a mile away from our apartment, I use the new accessible taxicabs, and order a car through Accessible Dispatch , via the WOW taxi app on my Apple iphone, which as their website mentions, is part of MetroTaxi. I love the service and it has been reliable in the borough of Manhattan. In addition, a cab will even drop me off in any of the five boroughs, such as Queens, the Bronx, Staten Island, and Brooklyn. But there's an exception, which I missed, and is not readily apparent, even to my