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A New Dawn for Disability at JPMorgan Chase & Co. -- The Office of Disability Inclusion

I know, I know. It's been a while since  I posted here, but it's for a good reason. A year ago this month, a business colleague and friend, Deb Dagit , an icon in the disability leadership landscape, called and told me about a new position and strategy JP Morgan Chase had posted on their employment website. At the time, I was with my wife, Maggie, at an outdoor pool in Kingston, Massachusetts, watching my two lovely grand daughters, now ages one and two, in the pool with my daughter. It was a lovely August morning, and as many of the readers of this blog recall, I was recently retired from IBM. Deb said, "Jim, just take a look at the job description and position, I know you're retired. But it's worth a look, this job is different." We talked for another five or 10 minutes, and I hesitated, then said, "Ok, I'll give it a read and call you back, I appreciate you flagging this and thinking of me." I took a deep breath and rolled back to w