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View from the wife: what it's like being married to me

Déjà Vu : This column was originally published in the March 25, 1991 Journal-News edition, a newspaper distributed in Rockland County, New York,   I'm re-publishing this column as part of my online blog. I still believe the message is appropriate today and is an example of the activities many of us with disabilities can enjoy in the United States, and perhaps around the world. Photos may be added to this posting from my collection or the web. Some of the organization names may have changed or no longer exist in New York State as of this writing.  I hope you find this column helpful and informative. I've received a number of letters from readers asking how to be in a relationship with a disabled person. My wife, Maggie, and I have discussed these letters. After one such discussion, she decided to write an essay describing what it was like being married to me. The essay touched me and I wanted to share it. So Maggie gave me permission to submit it as this week’s c