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Wheelchairs: A Job Lifeline for Disabled Consumers and Workers

The Arrow After about a year of trying, I've finally made some progress in getting one of my power wheelchairs fixed in Massachusetts. I have two power chairs, an Invacare 3G Torque and an older Arrow Formula CG, which I now use as a backup. Yes, I know they sound like Formula One racing cars. My newest chair, about two years old, has an intermittent electronic malfunction. This means sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. When it doesn't work, I find myself The Torque sitting in the tilt-back position on the seat, or elevated, above the normal sitting position. I then need help to get out of the chair and transfer into my backup chair.   Power chairs and new cars    These power chairs, by the way, are not cheap. Each chair costs about $20,000, depending on the needs of the individual. Chairs sometimes exceed the cost of a new small car or a late model used car. For example, I saw a new Toyota Corolla listed for about $19,000.00 last week, when I took