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Mr. Oscars Now on Track With Diversity

Li ke some of you, this week I watched and read the news with interest as the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Academy (“The Oscars”) dealt with the question of diversity - - specifically the lack of black actors being nominated for this year's awards presentation. The question of inclusion is not an easy one to handle. For example, I don't believe that every member of any constituency group merits an award or recognition in every event or competition. This also applies in a business setting. I’d like to think that awards, jobs and promotions (with a new title, say to vice president) will go to the people best qualified for each position. Just because awards are being handed out, doesn't mean that an organization has to give an award to every nationality or constituency group member – – for example, people with disabilities, Asians, Blacks, Hispanics, Women, LGBT, Native American, and White men – – I could go on and on. What the Academy did to sol