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Hurricane Sandy: One Family’s Ordeal

After five days without electricity and heat at my home in Rockland County, New York, things are getting slowly back to normal. But it was painful.   Without the help and support of my wife, son, daughter, friends and family, I would have been up the proverbial creek.   To be blunt, a quadriplegic alone in the middle of Hurricane Sandy, has no chance to survive. Here’s what happened to us during our ordeal with Hurricane Sandy: Days 1 and 2: I felt fragile as a disabled person and sorry for myself. Without the basics and comforts of my home, I was helpless. My daughter pleaded with us to stay with her in Boston. We thought it best to stay home, given the logistics of traveling with all my handicapped equipment. I’m also thick-headed. Knowing I was disabled and stranded, my son’s friends came by in the middle of total darkness and dropped off a pizza and three peperoni rolls.   Mags, Jimmy and I had a candlelight dinner of comfort food that night. Day 3: It became