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Veronique: More Than a A Service Dog for the Disabled

It’s just a little over two years since I brought home Veronique,my service dog. She’s officially known as a Canine Companions for Independence[CCI] service dog, specifically trained for people with disabilities. 
Veronique is a Labrador-Golden Retriever mix, and I was told she was the smartest pooch in the class. Well, I bet the CCI trainers say that about all the dogs.
Veronique goes just about everywhere with me, including work, functions and family events. I take her to my IBM office in Armonk, New York, during the week, where she refrains from playing catch with the executives. My wife Maggie and I have taken her to meet New York City Mayor Bloomberg, at his official residence in Manhattan; she has met Senator Harkin of Iowa, in Washington, D.C. and has attended the U.S. Tennis Open in Queens, New York, on two occassions.
Veronique has changed my life in ways I never imagined. Initially I didn’t want a service dog, I didn’t think I needed one. Today, I can’t imagine my life witho…